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Your guide to hydrate / recovery with our fermented pickle drink

Shipping Policy

All orders received before 2pm PST will ship same day, either via UPS Ground or FedEx Home Delivery (price dependant). Orders placed after the cutoff will ship out the next business day. 

We ship all packages at room temperature (no ice packs). Fermented foods have a shelf life of several weeks if not more outside of refrigeration due to the pH of the finished product. We ask that you simply refrigerate upon delivery and enjoy within 6 months. If this doesn't sound like it meets your satisfaction, please do not place an order. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Since these products are consumed by humans, we do not accept returns. In the rare instance that something gets lost in transportation (not common but it does happen), we will simply refund the purchase price in full. We will not automatically send out a replacement without another order being placed. 

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