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Hi there! We are Mark and Rebekah Stogsdill, the husband and wife team that created Hydro Pickle. We have been in the business of making/selling pickles through farmers markets for the last decade. We have tried to pickle just about everything you can think of over that span. Some epic wins. Some epic fails. Always learning. 

It was through our adventures in pickling/fermenting where the idea for Hydro Pickle came from. It took ten years before it finally dawned on us that this whole time we were harvesting the wrong part of the pickle. The magic is in the brine! So we began experimenting with ideas on how to deliver this magic into a single serving beverage. When we finally cracked the code and began taste testing our new lineup to our inner circle of pickle peeps, the response / feedback was amazing. We knew we had nailed it. It's the reason why you are reading this today. 

There is absolutely nothing comparable to our drinking brines on the market today. Each bottle is meant to be enjoyed individually, as a single serving. You will experience the same electrolyte lift that we enjoy daily, plus you will be fortifying your gut with a microbial universe of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Should you so choose, you will also make the worlds finest pickletinis and picklebacks.

Check out our FAQs by clicking the button below to see some of the benefits of drinking our amazing Hydro Pickle.


Slam! Slay! Repeat!

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